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Pravas Immigration is a recognized & reputed immigration and visa consultancy specializing in obtaining skilled, family and business migration visas to various countries across the globe.

You will be provided with the convenience of a complete range of migration service, including professional assistance with residence visa application, application for official qualification and trades recognition, job search and resettlement services under one roof.

"Creativity often consists of merely turning up what is already there."
-Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

Skilled Migration

In order to work abroad, an individual requires some kind of permit. Migrant visas are the most preferred & popular for working abroad. As a migrant the individual is entitled for various social benefits being offered by the host country. Also there is a possibility that you can be eligible for applying for the citizenship of the country.

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Family Visa

There are a variety of visa categories and classes available to family members of citizens and permanent residents. Dependent Visa for spouse, Parent Visa and Child Visa is coming under the family visa category. You will be eligible for this visa if you are a spouse/child/parent of a child (natural, adopted or step child) who is a settled citizen…

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Temporary Visa

Temporary visas are for those people going abroad for a specific purpose & time. The most common temporary visa types are study, work & business visitor. Students going for higher studies needs to apply for the study visa. A person going for tourism needs to apply for a tourist visa whereas people going for short term business visit needs to get…

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Placement and Settlement Services

Placement is one of the important factors to be considered while relocating. Our placement assistance starts right from formatting your resume, preparing you for the job interviews & last but not the least, getting your resume shortlisted by the potential employers.

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A recent migrant survey has showed that HALF of all applicants now use a migration agent at some stage in the immigration process to achieve their migration dreams and to protect themselves from immigration risks.

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